Royal Princess

Authentic blend with a traditionally handmade process by adding real jasmine buds. Bring to the old classic Java ambiance. Calming and soothing.

White Tea

A silvery bud with highest antioxidant creates a clear golden infusion. Delicate, fresh flower aroma and a hint of sweet honey aftertaste. Anti-aging and help brain development in children

Pandanus Green Tea

Delicate savory and aromatic scent of pandan leaves mixed with strong, astringent green tea. Comforting like a big hug.


Classic Tea

Classic Tea - We present the most enjoyable Classic Teas.

Fruit Blend - Our additive fruit blend teas are blended to the highest standards and include only natural ingredients and flavour.

Aromatic Authentic Indonesia - Delightful fragrant teas ranging from authentic Indonesian recipe teas.

Exotic Herbs

Exotic Herbs - We keep developing variants of herb that will bring you to experience the uniqueness and benefits of our exotic herb.

Organic Series - Our principle is to create products that are natural and friendly to the earth.