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‘SAVIS’ is a premium brand under PT. Ara Savis Sejahtera, located in Solo, Java island, Indonesia where tea drinking & tea blending culture has become tradition for a long time since the Royal era. Founded in 2015 by Lily Gunawan, a third generation of tea business family in Indonesia that is established since 1951.

The name ‘SAVIS’ itself, derived from a Latin terminology that means ‘goodness’. We bring goodness to the life of people and sharing goodness each other from local farmers, workers, and partners to all tea drinkers around the world.

Lily's passion for quality provided motivation to make SAVIS, world class tea with Indonesian soul and holistic experience. Going around Archipelago to explore the goodness of nature & the richness of culture, has inspired her to create SAVIS signature blend that combine tradition, art & innovation.

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The Tea

Art & Science


Only using premium tea leaf, herbs & spices that is grown in volcanic soil with year round sunshine, spring water and tropical climate around Archipelago, we present wide range of authentic teas from white tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea, flavored tea, aromatic tea, wellness tea, organic, herbs & spices that promote natural healthy lifestyle for modern society.

There is always a story behind each product of SAVIS as well as unique taste of all the signature blend. We proudly invite you to be part of our story and to experience the exotic taste for your palate in the journey of Indonesian Finest Tea.

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