For our Master Tea Blender, the unique characteristics of leaf and spice have diffused through the lives and living-rooms of three generations of her tea-making family. Today, this multi-generational infusion informs the one-of-a-kind teas in our Signature Collection. The deepest jasmines and darkest tannins; bold snap of the familiar, barely perceptible notes of the exotic. Symphonies of flavour, atmosphere, colour and aroma that call back to tea’s ancient Indonesian rituals. And inspire today’s conversations.
Sàvia Imperia | (Sekar Kedhaton) Sàvia Imperia (Sekar Kedhaton)
Rp 165.000,00
Bali Pandanus Green Tea Bali Pandanus Green Tea
Rp 165.000,00
Indonesian Mango Tea Indonesian Mango Tea
Rp 38.500,00
Krampoel Tea Krampoel Tea
Rp 65.000,00
Exotic Especia Exotic Especia
Rp 165.000,00
Bunaken Blue Tea Bunaken Blue Tea
Rp 165.000,00